Removing Eyebrow Make-Up - Must-Know Facts & Tips

How do you fix dark eyebrow makeup?

Removing make-up from face, eyes and brows is an essential stage of daily beauty routine. We must always remember to fully cleanse the face before sleep. By doing so, we prevent wrinkles, imperfections and inflamed skin. When products and oils build up on the brows, they get worse: thin, dry, dull. By reading on, you'll learn the secret to the perfect eyebrow make-up removal.

Brow make-up removal - why it's important

Most brow make-up products are highly pigmented, thick and cream-like. They're long-wear, often waterproof, and we tend to use lots of them. That's why thorough make-up removal is extremely important. We should remember that make-up products stay put for many hours and combine with dirt and pollutants leading to clogged pores, zits and also worse condition of eyebrow hair. That may even result in stopped eyebrow growth. Removing make-up and deep cleansing also help keep the skin young and stop premature aging.

What's best for removing brow make-up?

The cosmetic market abounds in products for removing brow make-up. Drugstores offer special bi-phase removers, micellar water, oils, milks and foams. What to choose? It's up to you and your preferences. Every product has different consistency and ingredients and you should choose one you like and the cosmetic that goes well with your skin type. The type of brow make-up also matters - whether it's waterproof or not - and whether you wear contact lenses or false lash extensions. Many eye and brow make-up removers have conditioning properties, nourishing the skin and strengthening the hairs. Because the eye area is sensitive, we should avoid products featuring parabens, silicones and comedogenic substances, and choose ones that are ophthalmologist tested.

A bordered statement: Remember! If you apply waterproof make-up, then a regular make-up remover may prove insufficient. Choose the one which is specifically made for removing waterproof cosmetics. Oils and bi-phase removers are effective.

Make-up removal vs sensitive skin

Is your skin sensitive and requires special care? While shopping for removers for eye and brow make-up, pick fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products with neutral pH. They should have soothing and protective effects to secure the epidermis from irritations and negative effects of external factors.

Make-up removal trends - oils for removing make-up

OCM - oil cleansing method - is the hottest face, eye and brow make-up removal trend. You can use oils to fully clear the skin of make-up - they have an extra deeply-nourishing effect and enhance the eyebrow hair. Products for OCM are based on castor oil which is known as a brilliant eyelash and eyebrow enhancer. It strengthens the brows, stimulates growth, revives their color and slightly darkens them. Oil-based removers are effective at taking make-up off, effortlessly removing mascara, eyeshadow and waterproof brow make-up.

The Right Way to Remove Brow Makeup

Best Brow Make-Up Removing Routine in 4 Steps

How to remove make-up from eyes and brows the right way?

#1 Once you choose the best make-up remover, soak a cotton pad in it and press it to the brows gently. If you are using bi-phase remover, then shake the bottle before use. Remember that good-quality removers don't require rubbing.

#2 The remover needs several seconds to dissolve make-up products and then you simply wipe them off using the cotton pad. Do it gently and carefully to make sure there's no dirt or cosmetics left. Don't rub or pull the skin - your motions should be smooth and gentle.

#3 Start from the inner edge - the head of the brows - and move towards the tip (the thinnest part). By doing so, you remove make-up respecting the direction of brow growth. You won't bend the brows or make them fall out.

#4 Use as many cotton pads as necessary - usually from 4 to 5 are needed. Keep replacing them until the cotton pad is clean. Done!

A bordered statement: Remember! Skin on the eyelids and around the eyes is very thin (only 0.5 mm while the skin on the other parts of the face is around 1 mm), therefore, you need to treat it gently: don't rub or tug the skin! Softly press a cotton pad after soaking it in a remover, and wait for several seconds until make-up is dissolved. Then move the pad towards the temples. Keep doing that until the cotton pad is clean. That's a recipe for perfect brow make-up removal!

Mistakes we tend to make while removing brow make-up

We should also list some top mistakes that we tend to make while taking brow products off. Avoiding them will surely improve the condition and looks of brow arches. Here's a list of brow sins we're guilty of:

  • removing make-up products in a careless way
  • wrong choice of make-up removers
  • not removing brow make-up at all
  • rubbing the skin and brow hair harshly
  • not following the direction of hair growth
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